Hello Readers!
A blog is not what you would expect out of an auto detailer here in India. Yet, we are here. Let me start with an introduction. AquaTint Auto Detailing Studio started operations on February 14, 2016; in Aundh, Pune, India. The number of shiny cars in the area has increased a bit since then. Aquatint is the brainchild of three auto enthusiasts, Lallett, Nikhil and Tejas. We quit our jobs with multinational auto makers to create AquaTint just for one reason – Love for cars and bike.

At AquaTint, our vision is to provide our clients with the finest, state of art detailing service. We clean & sanitise, perform paint correction and protect the paint surfaces using the latest technology and products which are safe for the paint. We are also offering specialised permanent ceramic coatings for auto lovers. Unlike conventional detailing which uses high pressure water wash for exterior cleaning, we use pressurised steam wash for both interior and exterior cleaning and sanitisation. We contribute our bit towards water conservation as steam wash requires only about a gallon of water for the complete car.

We also educate our clients about automobile paints and how to maintain the gloss and shine on the paint. Some clients also need to be explained how detailing works and why is it necessary for their cars. This is what got us to the idea of this blog. You can keep coming here to understand detailing, for the technical knowledge about detailing products, DIY stuff, maintenance tips etc. We will share incidents, lifestyles of our clients or our experiences at AquaTint. We will also gather your expectations from the blog and from our service, and respond with information or with a better service. So stay tuned, and give your feedback in comments or on mail. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Best Regards,
Team AquaTint.

(Author: Tejas Ingle,
Co-founder, AquaTint Auto Detailing Studio
E-mail: tejas@aquatintdetailing.com)