Aquatint Loyalty Program

Aquatint Loyalty Program

Aquatint value card program today is probably the only ‘finest solution’ for all Car care activities wherein you find several benefits using the same.

Of course, our all customers are potentially loyal, for a variety of reasons but we have designed the value card in such a way that the program benefits the customer in the best possible way.

Aquatint Detailing’s Value card programs are basically the outcome of the services we provide with all our care and great supervision wherein we deliver car to the customer with the best of services.

We provide extra value of 20% FLAT, so that customers get a good value for money for their car wash & detailing needs.

Here are the key benefits of our Value Cards :

You don’t have to carry cash along
Cards can always be renewed
You can plan your Car wash services and keep a track of services availed.
You get 20% DISCOUNT on all our services with Value Cards.