• Your ride is subjected to environmental damage from the moment it leaves the showroom. Opti-coat is a revolutionary product that was designed to protect the factory clear coat getting tarnished by the environmental elements. It chemically bonds with the factory clear coat and forms a hydrophobic coating. It provides a permanent protection against bird droppings, bug stains, oxidation, road salts etc. This reduces the cost of maintaining the vehicle and makes it easier to clean the vehicle to a showroom finish.
  • Optimum Polymer Technologies (OPT) works closely with car manufacturers, paint manufacturers, and other OEM suppliers to develop the most advanced automotive detailing products in the marketplace.
  • Optimum is fully committed to manufacture these products with the environment in mind. Starting with the developmental stages in the labs and including manufacturing process, consumer usage, and finally waste disposal.

The differences between coatings available in the current market are as striking as their similarities. With great advances in technology in any industry comes a degree of confusion. True coatings are ceramic based. In our industry, ceramic as a term means inorganic. By contrast, organics such as sealants are carbon based and as such wear away over time.

When a product, such as Opticoat Pro is ceramic, it is permanent, because it is inorganic. This doesn’t mean to say it is worse for the environment. Coatings are characterised by their silicon content (not silicone), and 2 principal variations of silicon are used. The most common is Silicon Dioxide, sometimes marketed as glass, quartz or ceramic and in almost all cases that’s true.

SiO2 is suspended in a resin in the form of Nano particles of Silicon Dioxide, and the resins suspend this in a film over the paint. SiO2 has a melting point of 1,600°C (2,910 °F; 1,870 K) and on the Mohs scale of hardness is a 7. The other coating system is Silicon Carbide (SiC). Opticoat Pro is the ONLY coating available that harnesses the strength of Silicon Carbide, which is sometimes referred to as ceramic, industrial diamonds and carborundum. Unlike SiO2 based coatings, SiC products actually bond to the paint and the SiC is formed as a chemical reaction in that process, rather than having Nano particles of the ceramic floating in a resin.


Chemically, SiC is superior to SiO2 coatings. Silicon Carbine has a melting point of 2,730°C (4,950 °F; 3,000 K) and is a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Opticoat Pro is unique in many ways because of this fundamental difference in chemistry. Opticoat Pro+ becomes one with the paint rather than suspending nano-particles of a harder substance in a resin.

This gives Opticoat Pro far superior chemical resistance, as the chemical must break down the SiC, and not break down a resin holding SiO2 Nano particles. OCP is harder than their competitors, but no coating is scratch proof. To achieve maximum strength, other coatings require heat curing and multiple layers, with OCP that is not required. SiO2 coatings obtain their maximum gloss immediately, and that gloss diminishes over time, Opticoat Pro obtains its maximum gloss as soon as the polymerization process is completed (roughly 7 days). Opticoat Pro will maintain shine over time, while SiO2 coatings begin to lose their gloss through oxidation and continues to decline; requiring the need to add some form of resin to maintain or restore the gloss and protection.

Our customer service is founded in providing our clients with superior results. We want to ensure you know the full story behind the science and proof of leading paint protectors so that you can avoid being caught in the unsatisfying trap of inferior products.


What Is Opti-Coat?

Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coating that provides superior scratch resistance and permanent protection for all factory paints and exterior surfaces.

What Makes Opti-Coat So Different?

Opti-Coat is a permanent coating that will not wash away or break down over time.

Opti-Coat is more than 100 times thicker than the typical wax coating. This allows Opti-Coat to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. Swirl marks and light scratches are not only decreased by the harder ceramic coating, the factory paint is also protected and preserved.

Opti-Coat is completely resistant to acidic environmental substances such as bird droppings. Unlike your factory clear coating that can be permanently damaged, Opti-Coat will not etch or dissolve when in contact with these substances and a clean, glossy clear coating is maintained.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying Opti-Coat?

Opti-Coat will provide the owner with a superior clear coat film that is resistant to chemical etching, harder than factory clear coatings to reduce swirl marks and scratches and a permanent, hydrophobic surface that is easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer!


Teflon GlassPlexin Nano Pro Ceramic Quartz OptiCoat Pro
Paint Protection Category Synthetic Wax Synthetic Wax Glass Coating Glass Coating Ceramic Clear Coat
Origin UK USA Germany Japan USA
Main Component PTFE GlassPlexin SiO2 SiO2 SiC
Coating Film Thickness 0.02 μ 0.02 μ 0.2 - 1 μ 0.5 - 1.5 μ 1-2 μ
Durability (months) 4-5 6-12 12-18 12-18 Unlimited
Gloss ** *** ***** ***** *****
Scratch Resistance * * *** **** *****
Chemical Resistance * ** *** **** *****