Tips For Car Care

Simple precautions and measures which you can easily incorporate in your relationship with your ride will go a long way in preserving her beauty for a very long time. Follow the below tips for the love of your car.

  • Opt for a covered parking spot wherever possible. Exposure to the sunlight dulls the paint over the years.
  • Avoid parking below trees to avoid shedding leaves accumulating in nooks and corners and also bird poop.
  • Use a car cover whenever the car is being parked for long.
  • Always use a microfiber cloth to wash your car. Always! Microfiber cloth is a soft, non-abrasive, absorbent cloth. A microfiber will help you clean the car very efficiently and also help you avoid unwanted swirl marks.
  • Use sufficient water while cleaning. Do not rub on dry surfaces since this causes the dirt to make scratches on paint.
  • Use different cloths for cleaning and drying.
  • Wash your car only when necessary. Generally a wash is not required for everyday dust. Give your car a wash only when the dust refuses to come off.
  • Use a Jopasu duster to get rid of every day dust.
  • Don’t let bird poop and other stains sit on the car for long. Once they dry in the sun, they are hard to remove and also damage the paint underneath them.
  • Don’t allow children to play on the car. Do not place objects like cups, keys etc. on the painted surfaces.
  • Get a synthetic paint sealant protection for your paint every 3-4 months.
  • Don’t eat inside the car. Avoid keeping the windows rolled down to keep the interiors clean.
  • Various reputed DIY products are available in the market to clean the interiors of your car.
  • Get your car professionally detailed every quarterly or biannually, depending on your usage.
  • Get the damaged/scratched panels repaired at the earliest to avoid rust.